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DURFC is proud to have been at the forefront of university rugby since 1875. Our impressive roster of alumni, who have gone on to achieve great things, both domestically and internationally, is a testament to the club's tradition of excellence. We continue to provide promising players with the training and opportunities necessary to contribute to the rich history of DURFC. However, we believe it is important to continue to pay homage to those who lay the foundation for us today.


Durham University Rugby Football Club (founded 1875) is one of the oldest sporting clubs in the University, dating back to the foundation of the University in 1832, and has a proud tradition, with many successes in the UAU, BUSA and BUCS competitions.


Many international players have come through DURFC including England captains Phil de Glanville and Will Carling to name but a few.


Since their separation from Newcastle in 1963, thirty-five Durham players have won international honours. In recent times Durham Alumni, Will Greenwood, Tim Stimpson, Duncan Hodge, David Walder and Charlie Hodgson have all represented their countries. Three Durham players have also captained England and five have played for the Lions


Durham University Rugby Club continue to develop more “starting” Premiership players than any other Academic University - Josh Beaumont ( Captain 2012-13) – Sale Sharks and Simon Hammersley ( Captain 2013-14 ) – Newcastle Falcons  are now regular players in the Premiership who have very recently gained a degree whilst studying and playing at Durham

This trend has continued for Durham with players such as Fitz Harding, Fred Davies ( Captain 2021-22) and Ewan Murphy (Captain 2022-23) earning themselves professional contracts alongside Jamie Adamson who has gone on to represent GB 7's.


1963-79 Dr T. Whitworth

!979-92 Prof L. Brooks

1992-2006 Dr G. Bromiley

2006-08 E. Wood

2008-20 F. King MBE

2020- Present S. Colwell


1983-84 D. Rose

1984-85 M. Brown

1985-86 P. Charlton

1986-87 J. Turley

1987-88 A. Furley

1988-89 C. Phillipson

1989-90 D. O’Leary

1990-91 S. Stilwell

1991-92 N. Keller

1992-93 J. Kennedy

1993-94 E. Bennison

1994-95 A.G. Morrison

1995-96 D. Lee

1996-97 G. Mitchell

1997-98 S. Cates

1998-99 D. Yardley

1999-00 C. Ward

2000-01 C. Brian

2001-02 C. Mann

2002-03 O. Phillips

2003-04 C. Mezger

2004-05 E. Davies

2005-06 R. Campbell

2006-07 F. Keenan

2007-08 R. Mortimer

2008-09 C. Wright 

2009-10 J. Dennis

2010 -11 J. Burnett 

2011 -12 J. Binns 

2012 -13 T. Yaxley 

2013 -14 C. Goodwin

2014-15 H. Thompson

2015-16 T. Gretton

2016-17 A. Neden

2017-18 E. Manley

2018-19 J. Burdis

2019-20 F. Hamilton

2020-21 D. Blackman

2021-22 R. Belcher

2022-23 C. Hellier 

2023-24 A. Radcliffe

2023-24 A.Radcliffe

Prof. C. Higgins 

Prof. T. Burt

Dr. J.V. Armitage

Mr. H. Nicholson

Mr. P.C. Cummins

Mr. P. J. Dixon

Mr. A.J. Tribe

Mr. D. Best

Dr. P.A. Warburton

Mr. H. McNeil

Mr. M.P. Weston, 

1963-65 A. Newton

1965-67 Prof L. Toye

1967-68 M. McKenzie

1968-69 J. Reagan

1960-70 G. Buttle

1970-71 S. King

1971-72 A. Bulmer

1972-73 A. Peacock

1973-74 J. Knapp

1974-75 D. Nash

1975-76 C. Kelly

]1976-77 R. Anderson

1977-79 K. Norkett

1979-80 T. Allchurch

1980-81 P. Dewey

1981-82 J. Ellison

1982-83 S. Henderson

1983-84 D. Keating

1984-85 J. Keating 

1985-86 J. Keating

1986-87 A. Mullins 

1987-88 J.Turley

1988-89 A. Furley 

1989-90 P. de Glanville 

1990-91s C. Keey 

1991-92 N. Canning 

1992-93 B. Fennell 

1993-94 T. Stimpson 

1994-95 G. Moffat 

1995-96 M. Llewellyn 

1996-97 A. McDonald 

1997-98 N. Smith

1998-99 L. Cholewa 

1999-00 T. Jackson 

2000-01 A. Monighan

2001-02 J. Ferguson

2002-03 R. Vickers 

2003-04 R. Pike 

2004-05 B. McKerchar 

2005-06 T. Malaney 

2006-07 R. McDermott 

2007-08 L. Firth 

2008-09 J. Supple  

2009-10 P. Loudon 

2010 -11 R. Malaney  

2011 -12 J. Bayford 

2012 -13 J. Beaumont  

2013 -14 S. Hammersley 

2014-15 J. Bache 

2015-16 B. Richardson 

2016-17 B. Richardson 

2017-18 J. Clegg 

2018-19 C. Markham

2019-20 B. Fowles 

2020-21 B. Fowles 

2021-22 F. Davis 

2022-23 E. Murphy P.Bishop 

2023-24 B.Barratt


Mr. E.R. Wood

Mr. F. King MBE

Dr. G. Bromley

Mr J. Kennedy

Mr. A. Keay

Mr. S. Colwell

Dr. P. A. Warbuton OBE

Mr P. Baty

Mr. M. Woodley

Mrs. C. Wilkinson

Mr. R. Wilkinson

Mr. M. Howard

Mr. N. Willings

Mr J.Bache

Mr. J. Clegg

Mr E. Manley

Mr. C. Markham

Mr. J. Burdis

Mr. B. Fowles

Mr. F. Hamilton

Mr. D. Blackman

Mr. F. Davies

Mr. R. Belcher




Mr. D. English

Mr. A. Macdonald

Prof. K. Bowler

Dr. M.J. Stacey

Mr S.Colwell

Mr. T. Yaxley

Mr. T. Atkinson

Mr J. Beaumont

Mr. C. Goodwin

Mr. S. Hammersley

Mr.H. Thompson


F. Allison, M. Armstrong, F.E. Chapman, J. Ellis, T. Danby, W.G.D. Morgan, P.J. Dixon (Captain), M. Rose, P. Rossborough, M.D. Bailey, P. Warfield, R. Hesford, R.C. Hannaford, A. Old, F. Clough, J. Dee, J. Phelan, P. Knight, W.D.C. Carling (Captain), C. Oti, A. Mullins, P. De Glanville (Captain), T. Stimpson, W. Greenwood, D. Walder, C. Hodgson, M.Walsh

7s - O. Phillips (Captain), J. Adamson, P. Brown

U23s - B. Anderson

U21s - B. Woods, T. Jackson, A. Monaghan



P.J. Dixon, A. Old, J. Dee, W.D.C. Carling, T. Stimpson, W. Greenwood, R. Henderson. 



J. Campbell - Lammerton, D. Hodge, R. Breakey, R. Henderson, J.P.A Dunbar, E.D Kalman. 

U21s - B. McKerchar

U20s - P. Louden, D. Finne, J. Hill, T. Banatavala, J. Spurway, J. Cope



T. Danby (England Rugby League), J. Phelan (Canada), D. Bickie (Japan), M. Griffin (America), S. Knowles (India). N. Thompson (Hong Kong), C. Devine (Wales 7s), H. Willard (Japan U20)

The following went on an international tour without playing in a test match: P. Lillington (Scotland), T. Cowell (England). 


England vs Japan T. Allchurch, 

England vs Barbarians ( May 2015) J.Beaumont



D. D. Serfontein, 1992 - 1993. W.G.D. Morgan, 2002 - 2003. C. Kelly, 2018-2019.


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