Women's Rugby at Durham University




Please contact the most appropriate member of our committee via their emails below!

If you are not sure of whom to contact, our Club Captain is a great place to start. We are always happy to answer any queries.


  • Club Captain - Tilly Kidd (duwrfc.clubcaptain@durham.ac.uk) 07946757417

  • Women’s Rugby Program Officer - Roshini Turner (roshini.j.turner@durham.ac.uk)


  • Vice Captains - Eszter Pinter and Erin Kelly (duwrfc.development@durham.ac.uk)

  • Sponsorship Officer - Alex Allum-Pearce (sponsorship@durham.ac.uk)

  • Community Officer - Coreen Grant (duwrfc.community@durham.ac.uk)

  • Alumni Officer - Trudy Cowen (duwrfc.alumni@durham.ac.uk)

  • Events Planners - Clodagh Cronin and Erin Collins (??@durham.ac.uk)

  • Publicity Officer - Lydia Otulakowski (duwrfc.publicity@durham.ac.uk)

  • Treasurer - Genevieve Weston (duwrfc.treasurer@durham.ac.uk)


  • 1st XV Captain - Beth Blacklock (elizabeth.blacklock@durham.ac.uk)

  • 2nd XV Captain - Carla Rafferty (carla.j.rafferty@durham.ac.uk)

  • 3rd XV Captain - Emma South (emma.l.south@durham.ac.uk)

  • 7s Co-ordinator - Liddie Harris (duwrfc.sevens@durham.ac.uk)

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