If you are interested in sponsoring DURFC please see the PDF brochure attached.


Please direct any questions regarding sponsorship to Luke Chadwick

Luke Chadwick - DURFC Sponsorship Officer

Email: luke.chadwick@durham.ac.uk


DURFC are delighted to announce Hytro as an official training partner.

Developed alongside scientists and fitness experts, Hytro Performance TechWear incorporates Blood Flow Restriction Technology (BFR), helping you drive muscle growth, improve strength, and increase peak power.

You can see significant results with BFR using 20-30% of your 1RM. Strap in at the end of a session for 5 minutes to use BFR as a finisher – taking your results to the next level.

BFR can also be used as an effective session on its own. Strap in for 15-20 minutes for a time-efficient workout.

Go check them out! @hytro_