HAC RFC for DURFC Alumni

If you are moving to London next year and keen on playing rugby, the HAC are recruiting for the 2018/19 season.

The 1st XV have just won London 2 North West (Level 7) and have been promoted to London 1 North (Level 6; 1 league below National 3).

The 2nd XV have won Middlesex Merit Table 1 and the Middlesex Cup and are looking to play in the Zoo Leagues next season (Level 8).

We also have a 3rd XV who play in Middlesex Merit Table 2 (finished 3rd last season) and an Occasionals team who play 8-10 social fixtures a season.

The HAC play at the famous Armoury House, which is where the Rugby League Varsity is held. It is the second most expensive pitch in the world (after Hong Kong).

We train once a week on Wednesday evenings from 7-830pm and whilst we encourage people to come, we also recognise that people may have work commitments as well.

Our Director of Rugby, Jack Pattinson (former DURFC: 2010-2013), is the Junior Academy Manager at London Irish and our Head Coach, Rhys Davies, currently works for England Rugby.

We have 100 active players and are looking to strengthen even further for the season ahead.

If you are keen on joining, please get in touch with Jack Pattinson directly at: jack.pattinson@london-irish.com or 07738681607, with your date of birth, full name and address in London (if you know this already).

Please also see the link below to our Club website and on the main page has a video of our 2017/18 End of Season highlights:



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