DURFC 3rd XV vs Edinburgh 1st XV

Tomorrow the inspirational story of the DURFC 3's (otherwise known as 'the fellas') continues with the quarter-final match up against Edinburgh 1st XV. Having already seen off a number of other 1st XV's such as Dundee 1st XV and Nottingham Trent 1st XV, the fellas are at it once again and are expected to defy the odds with another remarkable victory. At the forfront of this formidable team of believers is their talisman, the Leonidas to this group of Spartans; Toby Thurgood, a.k.a, Sacky.

We are lucky enough to be able to hear a few words of wisdom from the man himself before the match up tomorrow...

What can we expect to see in the game tomorrow?

We are expecting a tough battle in the forwards. Our sources tell us to expect a bunch of fat lads upfront. Expect the backs to make the differece, we are class outwide.

Will the set piece play a big roll in that case?


Where will be the biggest battles, is there anyone we should look out for?

Expect big defencive performances from Worlock and Benzo as always. Canada and his boot will put us in the right positions on the field.

How have any new players settled in to the team?

It's always nice to have some fresh legs in the team, the freshers inparticular have been really stepping up well.

Pre game chat, what message will you be giving the fellas?

Embrace the occasion. We can only go upwards. We have to keep doing what we have been doing all year long.

How have the wins so far affected mind set? Having already slayed two giants, are the fellas losing the underdog status?

The wins so far have been very special, we have the dog and the heart. But we will always be the underdogs being a 3rd XV. We don't mind it, we thrive from it.

Final question sacky, a guess for the score line tomorrow?

24-10 to the fellas.

Kick off 5pm at Maiden Castle


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