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Women's Rugby at Durham University




If you are applying to Durham University and are interested in joining the women’s rugby programme or want to enquire about any available scholarships, please contact Roshini Turner (Programme Coordinator) at


There are a wide variety of scholarships available for aspiring elite women’s rugby players, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The women’s rugby programme has in recent years been able to produce numerous premiership and international level athletes, from backgrounds that include little to no rugby experience. Examples include Claudia MacDonald and Heather Kerr (England), Megan Ellery and Sophie Lee (England 7s), Beth Blacklock (England Academy), Marta Ozola (Latvia), and Roshini Turner, Jade Birkby and Emily Tuck (Hong Kong U20s 7s).

We are seeking top players in all playing positions, especially those who seek to succeed in both a competitive academic and athletic environment. We pride ourselves in being able to equip our players with skills that will help them succeed in their careers post-university, whether that be in the job market or sport.

All scholarship athletes have access to:

  • Professional coaching structures

  • Performance and individual technique video analysis

  • Personalised, sport specific strength and conditioning programmes and fitness support

  • Access to sport psychology support

  • Enhanced access to physiotherapy and injury prevention support

  • Access to comprehensive pre-season, term-time and summer season training programmes

  • Enhanced lifestyle and time management support/mentoring for selected athletes

  • Personalised nutritional guidance seminars and additional nutritional information


More information can be found via

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