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2019 -20 Year: Pre Season starts Monday 2nd September 2018 at 930am at Maiden Castle.

Week Five Pre Season Timetable

Master Squads List 2019-20

Tynemouth - 11th September - Meet 9am Dunelm - Take beach and swimming kit - start time 945am warm up 


Portugal - Meet at the Perfect Spot Hostel in Cascais  direct Sunday 15 Sept - 20 September - please make sure you have your flight to Lisbon booked - 


Selection - This is a starting point - if anyone is on wrong list ie injured when not etc please let me know and apologies


SCAT Tests - please make sure you are turning up for your appointments 

SCAT Tests 

Gumshield fittings

Impact will be joining us on Tuesday 24th September to provide gumshield (including fittings) to those that would like to purchase ahead of the new season. Appointments can be booked via the following link:


Additional information below and via the attached videos.

Next term Pre Season is from 6th– 10th January 2020.



7s Pre Season is in Summer term – dates 14th- 17th April 2020



Pre Season starts Tuesday 1st September 2020 at 930am at Maiden Castle.