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Good communication within the club is vital. It is the Players responsibility to inform the Head of Rugby (First!!) then Captains/Coaches of any reasons why they cannot attend training/matches/meetings. 


This should ideally be done by a phone call at the earliest opportunity and not with a last minute message. If this is done it will be looked on very negatively. 


WE will always endeavor to keep players well informed, and informed early. This includes notification about selection, training times, training locations, meet times etc. This will all be up as early as possible. 


The main forum will be with the DURFC website 


Any emails sent out by Captains or Coaches should be responded to ASAP. In return Captains and Coaches will endeavour to respond to players ASAP. 


Also please confirm any changes and updates in your email / mobile details ASAP to Alex Keay - Head of Rugby by email: or call 07507 649501.

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