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The Community



As the largest women’s university rugby club in the UK, we decided it was high time that DUWRFC spread our love of rugby outside of the university bubble! This is the first year DUWRFC have looked to get involved in the wider community on a regular basis and reach out to girls with all levels of experience. 


A group of volunteer coaches have been holding taster sessions at local schools for girls who have never tried the game before and are keen to give it a go, as well as leading sessions for current players working to develop their skills. Additionally, DUWRFC have also been working in tandem with Durham City Rugby Club this year to set up a new girls’ team for those who are looking for more regular rugby. You can find information about the Durham City team at:


If you have a group of girls local to Durham who are eager to try out rugby, or would like help providing a session to a group of players, you can contact Coreen, our Community Officer at

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