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Great Players:

  • Prepare before practice

  • Work as hard as possible during practice

  • Practice more after practice

  • Recover smart

  • Repeat

  • Be brilliant at all non- ability phases

  • Take NO shortcuts

  • Put team above themselves




The maintenance of the University’s proud rugby tradition necessitates that today’s members respect the endeavours of earlier generations and aim to enhance that reputation and protect it for the future.
 The Club's mission is to provide opportunities and facilities for all Durham students to play Rugby Union at the best level they can and that is successful, challenging and enjoyable to all those participating. 

We will be looking for players who will go the extra yard in terms of team spirit, commitment, attitude and sacrifice. 


Being late is unacceptable - it is ignorant and shows a lack of respect for your teammates and staff and will not be tolerated. On match days try to be a little early. 


Individuals need to understand that they are personally responsible and liable for their comments and postings. At all times you should exercise discretion and be respectful of other players, teams, officials, organisations and brands. What you regard as “banter” could be regarded as embarrassing or hurtful by a wider audience and bring the game into disrepute.


In short, follow the general guidelines above and:

  • Don’t comment if you have any concerns about the consequences

  • Don’t link to unsuitable content

  • Don’t get into disputes with audience

  • Don’t share or elicit personal detail


  • Do show your personality and be approachable

  • Do share your achievements

  • Do let people know what it is like to be a player/official

  • Do post regular comments to grow and engage with an audience


Our Vision 

To be the most hardworking, humble, resilient and reliable team in the history of Durham University Rugby Club we will: 

  • Live these values daily and outwardly express them through our actions in ALL aspects of DURFC. 

  • Uphold our own personal standards and commitment to these values, as well as those of our teammates, coaches and all other personnel in DURFC. 

  • Embrace the expectation of high standards, strive to better them daily and challenge each other to the do the same in a positive respectful fashion. 

  • Be accountable, and critical of ourselves and each other with brutal honesty but in a caring positive manner. 

  • Work relentlessly in pursuit of our ambitions on the field and in building our relationships, fun and experience off the field. 

  • Create a selfless accountable culture that is sustainable past any one person by helping to create and develop successors. 

  • Create an inclusive learning/social environment where everyone is equal. 

  • Base our success on fulfilling our potential as individuals and becoming the best possible version of ourselves by concentrating on what we are and not what we want. 

Our values

  • Sustainability– Ensure the culture we create will outlast us as individuals by promoting it to all around us, especially those that will ultimately take our place, in order to ensure that they, in turn, will have the mindset the skill set and the knowledge to do the same. 

  • Reliable– Know your role and do your job. Understand the importance of trust, trust that the guy next to you will do his job and be reliable enough to be trusted by your team that you will do your job. Ensure we are on time in the right place with the right kit, to every training sessions meeting and game. 

  • Relentless– Never be completely satisfied. We must always be looking for improvement in some aspect, regardless of how well we are doing. Drive our personal standards and those of the people around us. Everything can be done better. Forget anything that won't help us achieve our vision. 

  • Honest & Positive – Be honest with ourselves and our teammates, analyse your performance, critique your performance, improve your performance. Bring energy and positivity to everything we do. Be acutely aware that these traits are infectious and spread, know there is no middle ground you are either helping the process or you are not. Remember that in everything you do. 

  • Caring, Fun & Experience– Be caring, be supportive, encourage everyone, ensure we all social equals. Find time to enhance our fun, experience and relationships, both on and off the field. 

  • Resilient– Have the toughness of mind and body to support our relentless approach. Be the fittest you can be to give yourself and your teammates the best possible chance of doing your job and assisting with theirs. Above all else be composed when we hit a bump in the road, when we lose a game, when we concede a try or when a decision goes against us. Know your role do your job and work harder. 

  • Disciplined– Live the values daily in everything we do. Master the basics of your role and in order to support that make peace with the fact that every time you make decisions you are helping your chances to fulfil our vision or you are not helping it. On the pitch in terms of the laws, in the gym in terms of your effort, at home in terms of diet and nutrition.

  • Humble- Think in terms of the team, show the right attitude. Uphold a ‘no ego’s’ culture and eradicate any sense of entitlement, and handle any disappointments you face. Be more interested in who we are than what we want. Appreciate the work of those around you and what chances that brings for you as an individual accept that the team is more important than anything else and everything else. 

  • Ambitious- As individuals and as a team set your aims high, and accept must have the work ethic to support them. There is nothing you can’t achieve if you're willing to work hard enough. 

  • Communication & Support- Support each other to uphold these values and achieve our ambitions communicate with each other in keeping with these values and communicate often be direct clear and to the point. 

  • Receptive– Be willing to learn, be coachable, be open minded to new ways and to finding better ways. 

  • Responsive– Learn from mistakes, identify errors, practice the improvements required and commit to not allowing the same mistake again. 

  • Professional– Be professional in our approach to all aspects of our program. Accountability to our training standards which will eradicate the fear of failure through preparation. Be organised on time and have good communication if there are any problems or issues that might impinge your performance or attendance. Handle any disappointment you face as an individual or as a team in a professional manner. 

  • Respectful– Respect the process, the values and the vision. Respect your role and the roles of those around and be respectful in all aspects of our relationships with all members of our group.