All bets are off!

Important Regulation – Anti-Corruption & Betting


With the return of international rugby, we wanted to remind you again of the RFU’s zero betting policy on rugby union anywhere in the world.

There are important regulations in place protecting the integrity of rugby that affects everybody in the professional and semi-professional game RFU Regulation 17 (Anti-Corruption and Betting), so please remind yourself of the following messages to ensure you and our sport stay protected:

  • DO NOT bet on any rugby match (or ask anyone to place a bet for you) anywhere in the world.

  • DO NOT misuse or pass on inside information e.g. details of injuries, selection, etc. if not already public knowledge. Be careful on social media! (What is Inside Information? – see below)

  • DO NOT accept money or gifts from anyone who is betting on rugby or in return for giving inside information or underperforming in a match.

  • DO NOT fix or attempt to fix any part of a match.

  • REPORT any suspicious or unusual approach or activity to the RFU Anti-Corruption Officer (, 0208 831 7696), to an RFU, PRL or RPA official, or to the Anti-Corruption Hotline on 0208 831 6789 or email


This applies to everybody involved in the professional and semi-professional game and is regardless of whether you are directly involved in a match or whether you gain from the bet. It also applies to all forms of betting.